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EBS Heritage Attends Human Remains Workshop

Heritage Manager Guadalupe Cincunegui recently attended an 'Identification of Human Remains in the Field' Workshop in Melbourne run by Marc Oxenham PhD, SFA and Anna Wilson BA (hons) of Australian National University (ANU).

The workshop was developed to provide consultants with the necessary tools for identifying human remains in the field and also importantly how to distinguish between human bones and those of native and introduced and domesticated animals (kangaroos and sheep).

The workshop was extremely useful and EBS can now provide higher levels of certainty in rapidly assessing discoveries of bones in the field, therefore minimising the potential for unnecessary distress to Aboriginal communities as well as costly delays for clients when animal bones are mis-identified. Rapid assessment will also allow us to quickly initiate relevant procedures and protective measures should we encounter human remains in the future.


Replica human bones used in the workshop

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