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Adelaide Gaol

EBS Heritage consultants were engaged to provide detailed heritage advice as part of the Adelaide Railways Electrification Project. Including some works impacting a listed Heritage Precinct at the Old Adelaide Gaol. Located on the southern bank of the Torrens River, Adelaide Gaol was one the first European buildings built in Adelaide and until it closed its doors in 1988, was the oldest radially designed (panopticon) Gaol remaining in use in Australia. Made from stone quarried from limestone deposits along the Torrens River, the heritage significance of the Adelaide Gaol is recognized by its inclusion on the South Australian Heritage Places Register.

EBS Heritage consultants conducted extensive historical research and prepared a comprehensive report including excerpts from diaries, newspapers and personal letters of inmates and Gaol staff. The background research was extremely useful in identifying what the project areas may have been used for originally during the Gaol’s use and what potential archaeological deposits could be expected during construction phases. Impacts to the area were greatly minimised and controlled on the basis of the background research and risk assessment report.


Interior of Adelaide Gaol showing its governor W.B.Ashton, his son and staff. Artist H. Glover, 1850. MLSA B17790


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